Work-package 6

Developing Multi-level Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies

Work Package Leader: Dr Barry O’Dywer

Duration: 5 months (November 2017- March 2018)

The development of a management approach which can underpin climate strategies that merge vertical and horizontal policies and objectives will necessitate input and involvement by all relevant stakeholders groups (national, regional, sectoral and local level decision‐makers). Working with the individuals and organisation identified and engaged via WP4 in particular, but also other stakeholders where necessary. Two dedicated
workshops will be organised to support this element of the research.

6.1 Assess Potential Management Approaches for Urban Areas

In conjunction with the relevant stakeholders (local, sectoral and national level) and with reference to results obtained through WPs 3, 4 and 5, an examination of a range of measures for implementation (grey, green and soft) in the short, medium and long‐term will be undertaken. A feasibility and cost‐benefit analyses of these, and an assessment of their mitigation co‐benefits and relevance in terms of national, regional and local priorities will be undertaken. Feasible and potential measures will be then be allocated to the vulnerability maps.

6.2 Developing Management Approaches

Adopting an adaptation pathways decision‐making approach, and in conjunction with the stakeholder group, a flexible and responsive spatial planning strategy will be developed to maximise mitigation co‐benefits and minimize undesired effects in the context of projected climatic changes and their inherent uncertainties.

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