Work-package 2

Data Assessment and Integration

Work Package Leader: Dr Paul J Alexander

Duration: 12 months (June 2016- June 2017)

This work-package (WP) will undertake the identification and collation of data and information to underpin the proposed research and subsequent WPs, in particular for the assessment of key urban climate impacts and vulnerabilities (WP3 and WP4). In addition, WP2 will assess and  identify and engage relevant stakeholders (urban, regional and national) for WP4 activities (bottom‐up assessments of key climate impacts).

2.1 Data Assessment

The identification and assessment of all relevant inputs for WP3 (e.g. hydrodynamic, topographic/bathymetric, sedimentary and climatic data) and WP4 (e.g. land cover, economic valuation of land‐use types, population statistics), using criteria such as data availability and scientific quality of data.

2.2 Data Integration

The integration of relevant datasets into a single repository for employment by the project team in subsequent WPs. Where required, this will involve the application of standardisation procedures (e.g. spatial/temporal resolutions)

2.3 Stakeholder Identification

In close collaboration with EMRA, relevant stakeholders from key sectoral groups (e.g. Government Departments), regional and local authorities will be identified and engaged for WP4 activities.

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