Urb-ADAPT presented at the 12th International Joint Urban Remote Sensing Event (JURSE) for Remote Sensing in Urban Areas (Dubai)

Urb-ADAPT logo

The biennial international Joint Urban Remote Sensing Event (JURSE) is designed to be a forum of excellence where a selected group of researchers, practitioners, and students present and discuss their latest findings and results.

This event is committed to introduce innovative methodologies and technological resources recently employed to investigate the manifold aspects of the urban environment through orbital and airborne remote sensing data for forecasting and impact assessment of natural and man-made hazards in urban areas. The overarching aim is to elucidate how remote sensing can be used to address pressing questions and offer effective solutions in the urban environment.

Dr. Paul Alexander, Lead scientist for the project presents the work of Urb-ADAPT at JURSE conference, picture courtesy of Matthias Demuzere (University of Gent)

The JURSE conference aligns well with the EPA funded large urban area adaptation project (Urb-ADAPT – www.urbadapt.com). Dr. Paul J. Alexander (MaREI, UCC) an urban climate modeller working on the Urb-ADAPT project presented the work of Urb-ADAPT at the conference, which was held in Dubai UAE, March 6-8 2017. Dr. Alexander’s presentation highlighted how remote sensing is utilised by Urb-ADAPT to aid climate change adaptation in urban areas by 1) aiding in the characterisation of the urban environment, for example, in quantifying the abundance and quality of green spaces across large urban areas and 2) the use of this information in modelling environmental processes such as land surface temperatures.

You can download the presentation here: JURSE_Presentation

There is also a published paper based on this work: JURSE_Paper

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